28-30 November 2018


St-Petersburg International Innovation Forum
Traditionally St. Petersburg international innovation forum is held in conjunction with the Forum "Russian industrialist", in which Pavilion H Expoforum Convention and exhibition centre will be presented exposition.

To the participants, guests and organizers
of the X St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum
and the XXI International Forum "Russian Industrialist"
Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome participants, guests and organizers of the X St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum and the XXI International Forum "Russian Industrialist" on the banks of the Neva River!

Representatives of business and government, authoritative analysts and experts have to discuss again important issues in the development of the knowledge economy, priority innovative projects. At the “Expoforum” venue the most advanced developments of domestic and foreign companies will be represented.

Today, St. Petersburg is strengthening the status of one of the leading industrial and scientific centers of Russia and Europe. It is primarily shown by dynamic rates of development of shipbuilding, medical-pharmaceutical, machine-building clusters. Products under the brand "Made in St. Petersburg " are of high quality and well known in Russia as well as far abroad.

The Government of the city supports industrialists in modernizing capacities and introducing progressive domestic technologies.

I am sure that these forums will give a new impetus to the development of the production complex, will help to strengthen business contacts.

I wish you interesting discussions, productive communication, successes in all innovations!

Governor of St. Petersburg
G. Poltavchenko

Dear friends and colleagues,

The St.Petersburg International Innovation Forum is one of Russia's leading platforms for discussing the matters of modernising the country and advancing its technological development. This year is the Forum's tenth anniversary. The same anniversary is also being celebrated by RUSNANO, a company founded in 2007 upon the personal initiative of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, for the purpose of creating a new sector of the Russian economy: the nano industry.

Today, we can be quite confident in saying that the mission to establish a nano industry in Russia has been completed. Over the past decade, RUSNANO has made direct contributions to building 85 enterprises in 30 Russian regions and streamlining the domestic production of high-tech items that we were only just recently buying abroad.

In this global race to develop the best technology, the competition between countries is growing more and more ruthless. Our goal is to keep up a rapid pace and to help Russia join the ranks of the 21st century world technology leaders.

Together with the St Petersburg International Innovation Forum, we have every reason to keep making confident strides towards our goals.

Chairperson of the RUSNANO Board
Anatoly Chubais

St. Petersburg international innovation forum is
the largest Congress and exhibition event in North-West.
The Forum annually gathers more than 10,000 professionals.
The event is organized by the Committee on industrial policy and innovation.
Forum's experts