28-30 November 2018



for the Mass Media Accreditation
to the 10th Anniversary St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum

20–22 September 2017
(Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre, St. Petersburg)

  1. Accreditation for the mass media to the 10th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum (hereinafter, the Forum) is held according to the Russian Federation Law On Mass Media and the present Rules in order to regulate the activities of mass media representatives during the Forum events.
  1. Media representatives must be accredited to work at any Forum event. Accreditation of media representatives is valid for the whole period of the Forum, from 20 to 22 September 2017.
  1. The right to obtain accreditation for the Forum is granted to employees of mass media registered according to the RF Law On Mass Media.
  1. The individuals that do not represent any mass media, as well as representatives of advertising media, catalogues or on-line portals that do not publish economic or political news cannot be accredited.
  1. The Forum Organising Committee may decline accreditation of a mass media representative without disclosing any reason.
  1. Media representatives who wish to cover the events of the Forum should send the accreditation application (hereinafter, the Application) using the official website of St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.
  1. Applications will be received from 21 August to 19 September 2017.
  1. TV companies that are planning to livestream the Forum events should indicate the registration numbers of DSNG vehicles in order to enter the territory of Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre.
  1. The accredited media representatives will be registered and receive their badges in Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre at the Participants Registration stand, on 20 and 21 September from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; on 22 September, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please have your editorial certificate or its equivalent. Any other accreditation cards will not be valid for the duration of the Forum.
  1. An accredited media representative may:
    • Attend business events and exhibitions at the Forum
    • Perform video and photo shooting in the territory of the Forum
    • Use all journalists' services
    • Get information about official events and exhibitions of the Forum
    • Work at the press centre during the Forum and use its facilities
    • Take part in press conferences, briefings, and other press events
  1. An accredited media representative must:
    • Wear the badge at all times
    • When carrying out his/her professional duties, show his/her editorial certificate or any other ID document that may serve as a proof of working on behalf of mass media at the first request
    • Cease photo and/or video shooting if told so by representatives of Forum security services
    • Provide authentic information
    • When using official information and/or quoting the Forum participants, the final materials should mention St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum and the source of information obtained
  1. Accreditation does not grant the right to attend the events that require special invitations.

Mass-media accreditation