Regional Race for Smart Technologies: Housing and Utilities Innovations

The Smart City Unit at RUSSOFT Leadership Forum (as part of the XII St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum) has been completed with one of the most complicated topics, namely Housing and Utilities. This is the largest and fastest growing segment with more investments and growth potential than in many other components of the project. Quoting Andrey Beklemishev, IDC Vice-President and the session moderator, “Innovations in Housing and Utilities are real.”

Pavel Shilyaev, Project Director at Rostelecom PJSC, has shared his view on the development of the housing and utilities sector. Above all, the resident shall head the process as his needs form the basis of the whole system, while all other participants (the city, suppliers, developers, etc.) shall unite to achieve the maximum efficient result. It is also important to synchronize all data and liquidate their ambiguity in various authorities: the starting point and the end point shall be the same for all internal services; only then the development is possible. Roman Kletskikh, GR Director at the Speech Technology Center, has supplemented this basic point with another key factor, “The automation shall reduce the cost of services instead of increasing them.”

In addition, the session speakers have offered the solutions, which they have already managed to put into effect. The main focus of Vyacheslav Balashov, Representative of MegaFon, who has presented a large range of projects under active development, was on the Smart Housing and Utilities Project. This project will facilitate integration with all authorities for the managing companies, as well as support them in keeping the register of debtors and incoming requests, in performing the control, planning and other procedures. The residents will be provided with the options of convenient payment for the utility services, automated transfer of the meter readings, quick order and evaluation of services. Arkady Borodatov from GMC Corporation has presented a new fire preventing technology: a plate made of special material, which suppresses short-circuit failures directly inside the sockets and panels on its own, so that the owners may even be unaware of the fire threat.

The session was completed by Yakov Volkind from ITV-Axxonsoft, who made another important observation saying that “A Safe City becomes part of the Smart City”. That is why we must remember to observe all rules and laws when implementing such a large-scale project.


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