“Power Machines” presented relevant solutions for building infrastructure of the active-adaptive network

Konstantin Stafeev, Strategy Director of Power Machines PJSC, took part in the “Rosseti session – a dialogue with manufacturers”, which was held on October 4 as part of the Russian Energy Week (REN) international forum.

Participants of the meeting discussed key tasks of maintaining reliability of the power grid complex, technological and information security of facilities and the role of Russian manufacturers in solution of such issues. Special attention was paid to the issues of stability of the power supply system and its single components.

“Power Machines” presented its experience in creating a wide range of FACTS class (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System)  devices of Russian origin, which are crucial for building an intelligent energy system with an active-adaptive network.

One of the most important tasks these devices are intended to solve is control of power flow in networks and increase of capacity of transmission lines. This makes it possible to reduce capital costs of the construction of new facilities significantly, thus eliminating the need for new construction in areas with limited power transmission.

One of the devices with such parameters is a phase-shifting transformer. Russia’s first phase-shifting transformer was manufactured by Power Machines and Toshiba Corporation and installed at the Volzhskaya HPP.

Its implementation allowed customer to abandon the construction of new power lines and to reduce the cost of connecting the increased capacity of the plant to the power system by more than 6 times. Transmission capacity of the power grid was increased due to the redistribution of active power flows and the possibility of flexible regulation of power lines load.

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