The light can cool: scientists from ITMO have proposed the concept of an “optical nano-fridge”

A team of ITMO University scientists, including a graduate and postgraduate student, have proposed a new method of fast surface cooling using perovskite nanoparticles and light. In future this concept can be used for cooling nano lasers in optical chips, extending lifetime of solar panels, and creating “smart glasses”. The article is published in the “Nanoscale” magazine.

Today, researchers and engineers focus more and more on optically active material such as halogenide perovskite. 

This is a new type of synthetic semiconductor. It has many advantages: it is cheap, it has good efficiency to be used in solar panels, it is already comparable to silicon. Nowadays, research of using perovskite in LEDs and displays is being conducted . However, wide development of technology based on perovskites is slowed down by some disadvantages of this material: scientists need to solve the problem of cooling the perovskite. For this purpose employees of the laboratory of hybrid nanophotonics and optoelectronics of the ITMO University have decided to use light , which usually causes perovskite’s dangerous heating.

“At the moment we have a well-tested model for nanoparticles on glass substrates. Calculations are as close as possible to the real conditions, which has paved the way for the start of a real experiment, which is already in full swing,” – says the head of the Laboratory of Hybrid Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics at ITMO University, Sergei Makarov.



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