A unified university campus will be built in Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg  

In 2022-2026, a unified university campus of St. Petersburg State University will be built in the Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg. The territory of not less than 150 hectares will host a scientific and technological medical complex, educational and laboratory buildings, a block of statutory activities of the university, a dormitory, a congress center and various infrastructure facilities.

Thus, the concept of scientific and technological medical complex with the area up to 75 thousand square meters implies the creation of University Clinic, medical hospital with 300 beds, outpatient diagnostic unit and research unit on a territory of unified campus of St. Petersburg State University. Approximately 550 doctors, 750 professionals of mid-level medical staff and 300 professionals of junior stuff can work on the campus.

In educational and laboratory buildings with the area of 483 thousand square meters 25 thousand people will be able to study at the same time in different areas – from bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to training of highly qualified personnel. In a block of statutory activity of the university with the area of 50 thousand square meters it will be possible to accommodate 4 thousand people, and dormitories with the area of up to 385 thousand square meters will provide housing for 100% of students of St. Petersburg State University – including residents of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

Congress center will cover an area of 30 thousand square meters – multifunctional halls will be able to accommodate over 5 thousand participants. Building of the hotel with up to 1 thousand beds is also planned. In addition, St. Petersburg State University will have a 50-meter swimming pool with 12 lanes, an ice rink with artificial ice 66 by 36 meters, an indoor multifunctional fitness center with a playing field and an outdoor stadium – including a football field, facilities for shot-put as well as tribunes of 5 thousand seats.

According to the concept of a new unified Saint-Petersburg State University campus, a new technological valley will be situated nearby, it will include technoparks, R&D laboratories, center of innovational services, experimental workshops, testing and educational facilities. The valley will take no less than 100 hectares and will be situated not far from campus near the railroad.

It is noted that the campus facilities may be used not only by students, but also by all citizens of St. Petersburg. “This district of St. Petersburg is in dire need of new medical, sports and social facilities. The total population of  districts adjacent to the campus (Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Kolpino and the Slavyanka residential area) is about 500 thousand people”, – press service of St. Petersburg State University reports. Estimated cost of construction will amount to 45 billion rubles, 19 billion of which will be provided by the federal budget.

Source: http://www.sobaka.ru/city/city/97376

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